Fire and Smoke Protection Products

Fire safety is a constant concern in any commercial or industrial property. DSI Door Services Inc. distributes Stoebich Fire Protection products that are designed to slow or stop smoke or fire’s advance, adding crucial time for employees and workers to escape the property and for firefighting professionals to arrive. These products include fire protection curtains, which are thick fabric curtains that block doorways, windows, and openings in walls and ceilings during a fire. These flame-resistant curtains help slow the spread of fire from room to room in a large industrial or commercial property. Smoke curtains work with your building’s venting systems in order to restrict the movement of smoke and gas inside a building, making it easier for employees to escape the facility safely. Finally, conveyor system closures are doors that are specifically designed to close automatically on a conveyor belt in case of a fire. This slows or prevents fire from spreading one conveyor room to another.

With our fire and smoke protection products, we are committed to protecting Boothbay & Portland, ME and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today or click the link below!


Stoebich Fire Protection