RValue Challenge

R-Value Challenge – Win $500

Win $ 500.00

If you are a consumer and believe that the R-Value of a garage door is and should be a significant factor before purchasing a garage door then we have a challenge for you!

Here is what you have to do:

Provide me with a statement from a certified testing laboratory that supports the manufacturer’s published R-value. (Calculated R-values are excluded.) Upon receipt of that I will write you a check for $500.00 It’s as simple as that. You don’t even have to buy a door from us to win $500.00.

A few Examples:

  1. Overhead Door Corporation claims that their model 190 door has an R-value of 12.76 and their 929 model has an R-value of 17.50. Call them at 800-929-1277 and ask them for a copy of the test results.
  2. Garaga claims an R-vale of 18.00 for their High-Tech door, 16.00 for standard plus and 12.00 for the standard 138. Call them at 866-942-7242 and ask them for a copy of the test results.
  3. Wayne Dalton claims a 14.8 R-value for their model 8500 and 11.00 for their model 8300. Call them at (800) 509-2963 and ask them for a copy of the test results.

The list noted above is a small portion of the manufactures that provide and manufacture insulated garage doors. You are not limited to just those listed. If you need any additional information or telephone numbers please give me call.

Please keep in mind that all major manufacturers have recently had their doors tested in order to qualify their products for the energy tax credit. They do have the information. Whether they will provide you with a copy is another story.

One last thing. if you make an honest effort at this challenge and provide us with the details of your effort, we will give you $ 50.00 off the price of any double door and $ 25.00 off the price of any single door that you purchase from us.

Bill Feder
Door Services, Inc